A pleased expression is caused when I look at myself on the monitor.

My name is Cat. What can I say? I’ll go for the Myspace-influenced basics.

My youth necessitates an identity crisis, but I can describe myself as a fun curmudgeon. My favorite activities include: eating, writing, reflecting, listening to music, watching movies, singing, annoying my cat, speaking in monotone, deadpanning, playing Pokémon or Final Fantasy, dancing, reading, and wasting my time on YouTube. I am fond of: Oscar Wilde, unintentional hilarity, taking long walks near the beach (I don’t mind being an incomplete cliché), drag queens, shrimp, musical saws, San Francisco, the act of eavesdropping, cherry blossom trees, sublimity, and philosophy of mind.


8 Responses to Identification

  1. thatgirl007 says:

    Ah, I know Anaheim and a couple of people at SFSU. I’m currently living in San Jose but planning on getting out.

  2. thatgirl007 says:

    Could it be? I’ve found another late teen blogger living in the Bay Area?

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

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